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Storage Containers

Better Rates, Better Equipment

Cape Cod Trailer rents ground level, on-site 10′, 20′ and 40′ storage containers/conex boxes. Our weather-tight, clean storage containers provide the perfect solution for virtually any storage project. Portable storage containers are great for meeting a range of temporary warehousing needs from storing jobsite materials to extra business inventory. Homeowners also use them for furniture storage while moving, remodeling, resurfacing floors or painting the interior of their home.

Low cost furniture moving! We will deliver a container to your current home. You can take your time loading your furniture and other belongings  Then, when you are ready, we will move it to your next home. Again, you can take your time unloading.

Container Delivery

Cape Cod Trailer provides fast and convenient delivery of storage containers to your property for easy and affordable on-site storage. We also have a special truck that can relocate full 20′ containers without tipping them – leaving your stored belongings just as you left them!

  • We need approximately 60 straight feet x 20 feet wide to deliver a 10′ or 20′ container
  • We need 100 straight feet x 20 feet wide to deliver a 40′ container
  • Delivery site surface must be relatively level

Moving Full 20′ Containers

Need to move your tools from one construction job to the next? Packed up your furniture and want to unload it at another location? Let Cape Cod Trailer make it easy for you. We have the ability to pick up and relocate full 20′ containers. To move a loaded 20′ container at time of delivery you will need to have a clear space that is 20′ wide and 60′ feet long (and straight) for the delivery truck to maneuver.

Rental Rates

Rental rates vary and are based on your needs. Please call 508-362-2721.

Storage Containers

  • Ground level, easy access.
  • No steps to build.
  • No stairs to climb.
  • Lockable.
  • Metal on all sides (unlike pods which are wood and more easily broken into)
  • 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot

  • Storage at your home – Smaller residential units are perfect for storage at your home, and they are small enough to fit in your back yard or front yard.
  • Construction sites – 20 ft and 40 ft storage containers are located on nearly every construction site throughout the United States.
  • Business solutions – Whether you need to store important records and documents, extra inventory or anything else, a mobile storage unit may be the affordable storage solution that you’ve been looking for.
  • Sports teams – high schools, colleges, and professional sports teams and clubs often use cargo containers to store pads, jerseys, and other equipment. They are also great for keeping lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment used to keep fields in top shape.

Interested in learning more about our storage containers? Please call (508) 362-2721, contact us or visit one of our locations.

40′ Containers, 20′ Containers and 10′ Containers: Specs